People often ask about all-season tires and their reliability in the winter months…when it comes to making the right tire choice you want to know all your options, we get it! That is why were here to help. So, are all season tires really all season?

Truthfully, it depends. All-season tires are designed for low-noise and decent road handling. An all-season tire helps to provide traction and grip in mild wet snowy conditions, they are manufactured to provide secure handling and even tread wear in both wet and dry conditions. But all-season tires do begin to lose traction at 7 degrees Celsius and lower…so, in Newfoundland all-season tires, really aren’t all season.

We have incredibly harsh winters in Newfoundland and Labrador and with that, our tire specialists will always recommend a good winter tire for the winter months and an all season or summer tire for the remainder of the year.

Have any questions? Thinking it might be time for a new set of tires? Give us a all and let one of our service advisors set up an appointment for you!

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