Buying a car can be difficult, follow these steps when purchasing a used card to ensure you’re making the right choice! There are many great used vehicles on the market for every price range and every requirement, but even if it looks great it might need some work.

Most used car dealerships offer “certified pre-owned vehicles” for an extra stamp of assurance to their customers. However, private sellers often don’t have that stamp of inspection approval and its important to know what your hard-earned money is buying, before you buy it. So, check out these helpful tips:

  1. Check the Year and Mileage
    1. Before buying a used vehicle knowing the year and mileage is very important. A vehicle does not have an unlimited life span, and you want to know how much on average that vehicle has been driven annually. Just a point of reference, the average driver will drive about 20,000 km per year.
  2. Check the Oil Change Slips
    1. Does the owner have all his or her oil change receipts along with any other maintenance receipts? Its important to know the care history on the vehicle your considering.
  3. Check out the paint job
    1. Take a good look at the paint, does it have blemishes or color uniformity? If the colors don’t match perfectly it may have been in an accident.
  4. Check underneath
    1. Have a look underneath the car, see that everything from the oil panel to the chasse is intact. Are there any leaks? That could be a red flag.
  5. Look at those tires, how are they worn?
    1. Tire tread is an important factor to consider, is the tread wearing? If it seems to be wearing more on one side, the car might need a wheel alignment.
  6. Take it for a test drive
    1. Listen for noises, to the tires and how it drives.
  7. Book a professional inspection
    1. Our red seal mechanics are ready to inspect the vehicle prior to your purchase, it is our top priority to keep drivers safe on the road.


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    The blog is amazing. I have learned a lot about customization, product quality and your company overall. Thank you for your wonderful products and this great site. Keep up the great job!

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      Everything is great about your site! It is easy to navigate and read, and the shop has everything for my Honda. Looking forward to placing more orders with you all

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