Shh… snow… something none, or at least most of us, want to hear about yet.

Dreaded winter…its cold and slippery but its also so much fun here in Western Newfoundland too! You just need the right gear, equipment, and OH, tires too.

So, many of us ask ourselves from year-to-year, do I need new winter tires yet? How do I know? What is considered a ‘good’ winter tire? Do I need studs, are they really the best option for me? Well, if you find yourself questioning these things, you’re in the right place.

  • Winter tires are built for the winter: we have harsh weather, but those winter tires (studded or not) are made for winter driving. They are designed with a deeper tread that allows for better drainage, countering the “aquaplaning” effect that can occur proving they are superior in soggy conditions. Winter tires allow for more precise turns in icy conditions and they have much better traction in snowy conditions, especially when temperatures are below zero. They are designed to stop 34% faster than all-season tires, requiring just 10.7 meters to come to a complete stop (if your tire tread is in great condition).
    • It is always important to have a professional tire specialist check your tires before hitting the road

How to know if your winter tires are worn out: the best way to know if your tires are worn out is to check with a professional tire specialist. Come visit one of ours today, we will be happy to answer all your questions. 

Do not buy into the winter tire myths: For example, the toonie trick to check tread…it does not work on all tries! Therefore, its so important to have the professionals check!

To stud or not to stud? Ah, the question of the season…to stud or not to stud? We like to tell customers it is a matter of preference it depends on your type of driving and what is most comfortable for you and your family.

How much do winter tires cost? There are a range of tire brands and sizes that winter tires come in. We pride ourselves on being budget friendly for all customers. Call us for your free custom quote today!

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