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We’re a locally owned, operated, and supported team of tire technicians and mechanics. We, as a team, take pride in our community, clients, and employees. We believe in keeping things local. While we offer a range of services and products, our highly skilled staff are from your neighborhood and surrounding communities and if it weren’t for their commitment to high-quality workmanship and teamwork, Simmons Tire wouldn’t be what it is today!

We used to operate out of one location in Deer Lake, but now we have expanded our horizons to meet your needs with two new locations: 5 TCH, Deer Lake and 17 Maple Valley Road, Corner Brook. We strive to meet the needs of every customer that walks through our front door, we put efficiency, quality and safety as our top priority and we have worked hard to create a business platform that services numerous markets.

We strive to exceed your expectations and will continue to provide fantastic service beyond at every-single visit or phone-call. We feel our satisfied customers speak for themselves. Read the reviews from your local customers!

We are a wholesaler for several companies in Western Newfoundland, the Northern Peninsula and Labrador and we have a developed inventory to meet your needs regardless of your requirements or preference. Our team is made up of tire technicians, automotive mechanics, truck and transport mechanics and heavy-duty mechanics.

We carry the products, the knowledge, and the skill to take care of any project, large or small. We assure you that our team’s professionalism and skill set will resonate from your first phone-call or entrance into either of our locations.

Simmons Tire; a team of local, professional, and passionate people creating a culture of innovation, persistence, and quality.

We look forward to building a long-term relationship with you here at Simmons Tire.


our team

Meet the people
who care for your vehicle.
Deer Lake
  • Mike Lomond General Manager
  • John Wight, Service Manager
  • Lana Parsons, Office Manager
  • Jeff Kerrivan, Glass Specialist
  • Michael O’Brien, Heavy Duty Technician
  • Jenica Curlew, Heavy Duty Technician
  • Jared Howell, Heavy Duty Technician
  • Austin Osmond, Heavy Duty Technician
  • Phillip Snow, Heavy Duty Technician
  • Dawson Hann, Automotive Technician
  • Jamie Bennett, Automotive Apprentice
  • Megan Diamond, Service Advisor
  • Kyle Bennett, Shop Maintenance
  • Josh Butt, Warehouse Attendant
  • Desiree Gabbard, Warehouse Attendant
  • Chad Pearce, Tire Specialist
  • Adam Terry, Tire Specialist
  • Michael Matchim, Shipping / Receiving & Back Counter Parts
Corner Brook
  • John Tucker, General Manager
  • Lori Buckle Stratton, Service Advisor
  • Mike Keough, Tire & Glass Specialist
  • Michael McAuley, Automotive Technician
  • Dwayne Poole, Automotive Apprentice & Tire Specialist

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